With One Shoe

With One Shoe

With One Shoe

Short Story by Karen L. Abrahamson



A finalist for the prestigious Arthur Ellis Award for short mysteries. Detective Ron Conroy gave up hoping for a better world a long time ago. When he attends the dilapidated home of Elvira Paradis to investigate the disappearance of her daughter, he finds not only a woman worn beyond her years, but also visions of someplace—else. Someplace wonderful. A delinquent youth becomes the primary suspect and takes Ron into the world of high school art classes, unrequited love and lost hope. Will the investigation result in the arrest of the wrong man—or rekindle Ron’s faith. 


Author of the well-regarded Cartographer Series, Karen L. Abrahamson writes fantasy, romance and mystery. Her latest short fiction can be found in the anthology ‘Playground of Lost Toys’. Her latest novella, A Death in Passing, is a historical fantasy mystery set in ancient Burma. When she isn’t writing she can be found with a camera and backpack in fabulous locations around the world.