The Wilkes House Haunting

The Wilkes House Haunting

The Wilkes House Haunting

Novel by Lisa Maliga

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Curtis Angeles moves from suburban Chicago to a rural Florida town in search of peace, quiet and privacy. Instead, he almost loses his life uncovering some deadly deceptions…

He has survived the hell of watching his wife of sixteen years die of brain cancer. Emotionally drained and psychologically scarred, he escapes the cold Chicago winters and bittersweet memories, and moves to rural Neroli, Florida. Curtis rents an apartment in a large historical house, which he shares with an antiques store owned by Larry “the landloooord” Pleasant. He settles in, relaunching his online graphic design business, and tries to begin the healing process. Soon, unseen dark forces emerge within his home. Are they paranormal? Demonic? Psychological? And just as he’s getting into a routine, the antiques business is replaced with “The Conservatory” which is run by Able McCormick, a narcissist and self-appointed dictator of Neroli.

Part horror, part psychological thriller, “The Wilkes House Haunting” follows Curtis into a world where something sinister is determined that his journey will end in a violent death.


Lisa Maliga is an American author of contemporary fiction, horror, psychological thrillers and cozy mysteries. She’s working on the fifth book of her cozy mystery series. When not writing, Lisa reads an assortment of books, watches movies, makes soap and bakes late at night. Sometimes she manages to escape to a quiet park and photograph animals, especially squirrels.