What Happened Then : an M/M novel

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What Happened Then : an M/M novel

What Happened Then : an M/M novel

Novel by Ada O'Flaherty & J Roxem

$3.99 available in bundle


Molested by his brother as a teenager, Ian Carsdon is living a lie. As a twenty-five year old Professor of English, he drowns the shame of how he copes by losing himself in bourbon. But, drink isn’t enough to block out the echoes of the past, and it’s not enough to give his body the sexual release it craves. For that, he needs a strong hand. A very strong hand.

Raphia Margose is a thirty-three year old, gay man with eyes for his teacher. At 6’5, he’s a Scottish-Highlands throwback, ex-marine, widower, who has lost everyone he’s ever loved. Falling for the too-cute-for-his-own-good English Professor is no way for Raphia to protect his heart, especially since the Professor wants to be straight… needs to be straight.

When Ian’s over-the-knee secret comes to light in ways that risk not just himself but innocent others as well, it’s Raphia who takes him in hand and guides him. It’s Raphia who becomes his first time. And, it’s Raphia who shows him how to love — not just others but also himself.

Not able to let the demons of his past go, Ian digs up a history of his childhood much different than the one he’d known and learns that sometimes digging up the past can have horrible consequences in the present.

Sometimes, people die…
Sometimes you lose the one you love.

This is a 73,000 word, M/M novel with a happily ever after. It includes explicit sex between two men — and more than one red-bottomed correction. It includes aspects of BDSM with an emphasis on correction through spanking. Please do not read this book if these subjects offend you.


Ada O’Flaherty is a romance novelist and a short-story eroticist. And, she thanks you from the bottom of her heart for supporting her dream of being a writer.

J Roxem is Ada O’Flaherty (just spelled a little differently). J Roxem’s novel-length tales are splendidly and explicitly naughty but are also overbrimming with love.
Please enjoy.