The Wannoshay Cycle

The Wannoshay Cycle

The Wannoshay Cycle

Novel by Michael Jasper

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"An absorbing work full of unflinching looks at what makes us human, how we might react to be faced with the truly incomprehensible."

Sherwood Smith, SF SIte


"The Wannoshay are as vulnerable as the homeless, as pliable as the ne'er-do-wells who haunt fast food restaurants and run-down bars... And they're as easily sidelined, dismissed and converted into scapegoats for all of our ills, for all of our sins."

Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column


Aliens crash-land in snowy North America, attempt integration, and fail… violently.

Less than a dozen years from now, over thirty black ships containing the aliens the world will come to know as the Wannoshay arrive on the frozen earth of the Great Plains of America and Canada.

Over the course of a year, the aliens attempt to become part of American society, only to be banished to internment camps when they are suspected of causing a series of deadly explosions at their new jobs.

A handful of humans who made early contact with the Wannoshay stand up for the oppressed aliens. They soon learn, however, that the aliens are not without guilt—a guilt that seems to be killing the Wannoshay with each passing day on Earth…


Michael Jasper is fascinated with exploring the places where the normal meets the strange.

In pursuit of this fascination, he has published over a dozen novels, a story collection, and six dozen short stories, along with a digital comic with artist Niki Smith.

In the past he’s tried bartending, teaching junior high, painting houses, being a secret shopper, working construction, and many more jobs; he prefers fiction writing. He lives in North Carolina with his family.