Novel by Joseph Robert Lewis



Can one girl genius save an entire city from a corrupt megacorporation?

In Carmen Zhao’s dystopian Baltimore, people can make everything from designer clothes to high-end electronics, right in their own homes using their personal 3D printers. But this has left the city torn between the wealthy elites and the masses forced to work in scrap heaps and recycling plants. Luckily for Carmen, she’s on her way to a better life with a rare college degree and a plush office job …until she gets fired.

Down but not out, Carmen invents something of her own: a cyberpunk suit that can bend ordinary light into extraordinary machines and weapons. Now as the superhero vigilante “Ultraviolet”, she hits the streets to protect her family and friends from spying drones and company thugs, with a little help from a handsome new friend. But when she sees how far the mega-corporations are willing to go to take away everyone’s freedoms, Carmen leads a techno revolution that will change her world forever.

Amazon Categories: Science Fiction, Superheroes, Cyberpunk, Technothriller, Dystopian, Teen, Young Adult


Author of dozens of science fiction and fantasy books, Joseph Robert Lewis enjoys creating worlds in which history, science, imagination, and humanity collide in unpredictable ways. He also likes writing about heroines that his daughters can respect and admire, women with courage, wit, and fierce intelligence. Series include the humorous fantasy Elf Saga, the steampunk thriller Aetherium, the urban fantasy Zelda Pryce, and the epic fantasy Angels and Djinn.