Three Fae Monte

Three Fae Monte

Three Fae Monte

Novel by Stefon Mears



2027. Six decades after magic overthrew technology.

Donal Cuthbert, master wizard in training at the finest thaumaturgic university in California. Edik Barshai, small-time wizard and helioship captain, running charter flights on the moon.

Enter Nicholas Mason, legendary wizard. Mason sends Donal and Edik to forbidden Ganymede, where a magical discovery could change the galaxy.

But Donal discovers something bigger before he even leaves Earth…

Three Fae Monte, an exciting tale of adventure and intrigue at high space, with deals and betrayals, faeries and wizards, and space battles between magic-driven ships. The fourth novel in the Rise of Magic series from Stefon Mears, author of The Telepath Trilogy and the Ars Portlandia series


Stefon Mears earned his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from N.I.L.A., and his B.A. in Religious Studies (double emphasis in Ritual and Mythology) from U.C. Berkeley. Stefon’s short pieces have sold to magazines such as Fireside and Strange Horizons and anthologies edited by Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Kerrie L. Hughes, and John Helfers. He has published eighteen books to date, including The Telepath Trilogy. Look for him online at, on GooglePlus, or @stefonmears on Twitter. Sign up for his newsletter at, or his Patreon at