The Signal

The Signal

The Signal

Novel by Rebecca S. W. Bates

$4.99 available in bundle


The signal arrives from deepest space.  Landon Walker–Earth’s radical expert in communication–refuses to believe that it’s a warning.  Called back to headquarters in Brazil, he reluctantly teams up with other top scientists to decode the message.  

At the same time, shamans in primitive societies around the world seem to know what the signal means.  But they’re all dying for their effort.  Decoding the signal may lead Landon to the same fate.

And then the signal targets Landon’s baby daughter, and suddenly its message becomes crystal clear.  He must act to save her–and all of Earth.  


Rebecca S.W. Bates writes speculative fiction. She lives in Boulder, Colorado where she raised three daughters and taught Spanish.  Now she writes full time and enjoys traveling as much as possible. Her novels The Signal, Prelude to Proxima and Sphinx of Centaurus are all available from D.M. Kreg Publishing in ebook and trade paper format. Her latest short story publications appear in the Fiction River anthologies Universe Between and Fantasy Adrift.  Her science fiction and fantasy short stories have also appeared in Alien Aberrations, Infradead, Sorcerous Signals, Future Syndicate, Ecotastrophe, and the Colorado Book Award nominated Broken Links, Mended Lives. She has contributed several short science fiction stories to Tough Mothers and The Time Is Light and fantasy stories to Three Goofy Stories.  Sample first chapters and her collections of short stories at