The Dark

Episode One, "You'll Learn"

The Dark

The Dark

Episode One, "You'll Learn"

Novel by Andrew Michael Schwarz



They are among us…

Annabelle was born immaculately, coming from a place of dreams and memories into the corporeal world, a Gemini or doppelganger of the ever popular Chelsea Clarke.

She was meant to remain in secret.

Discovered by Chelsea, Annabelle finds herself in the grip of a dysfunctional sisterhood, unable to do anything right and totally subject to Chelsea’s cruelly whimsical treatment of her.

Chelsea’s overbearing control and insistence on immoral personal errands keeps Annabelle from finding out what her true purpose really is.

Plagued by the strange inner dream world she calls “the Dark Place,” and tormented by the harsh abuses of her twin, Annabelle is constantly reminded of her inferiority, captivity, and sense of impending doom.

Until she meets someone who claims to know everything about her, and who promises to set her free…for a price.


Andrew Michael Schwarz uses themes of horror and fantasy to examine the deeper philosophical underpinnings of the nature of the universe and the human experience.