Star Runners: Scorpions

Star Runners: Scorpions

Star Runners: Scorpions

Novel by L.E. Thomas

$3.99 available in bundle


Still reeling from recent losses and the results of Mission Wraith, former Earth resident Lieutenant Austin Stone enters into a new phase of his career as a Star Runner with the Galactic Legion of Planets by joining the newly formed covert squadron known as the “Scorpions.” The training is demanding and rigid, pushing Austin to the limits as he continues to improve his natural skill at the stick of a Trident space fighter. 

But factions in the Zahl Empire yearning to fan the flames of Imperial expansion operate in secrecy to ignite another war with the Legion. No one in the galaxy has any idea an immoral and clandestine project hatched years ago by Zahlian Agents is entering its final stages, a project with the possibility of destroying galactic peace. 

Soon, the Scorpions face incredible odds both beyond and from within Legion borders. Through vicious dogfights and spy missions far behind enemy lines, they will need all their courage and skill to confront a foe determined to spark a galactic war. 

Star Runners: Scorpions is the fourth adventure in the exciting Star Runners Universe.


L.E. Thomas is an award-winning writer living in Georgia with his wife and rescued dog.