Star Runners: Revelation Protocol

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Star Runners: Revelation Protocol

Star Runners: Revelation Protocol

Novel by L.E. Thomas

$3.99 available in bundle


“About the dangers out there.” Nubern leaned into the camera. “There is much more going on in Quadrant Eight than I have been at liberty to tell you.”

Austin Stone always heard you can’t go home again, but he is looking forward to his leave on Earth. Upon his arrival, Austin is immediately thrust into danger as a shadowy force targets Star Runners and their loved ones on Earth in a series of violent attacks.

After surviving an explosion on the streets of San Francisco, Austin rushes back to Georgia to secure the safety of his mother. Violence builds and an unimaginable attack is launched, leading Austin back into the seat of a Trident fighter to defend his home and family. This book is a YA fast paced light sci-fi adventure.


L.E. Thomas is an award-winning writer living in Georgia with his wife and rescued dog.