The Sodden Spectators

A Trio of Suspense Stories

The Sodden Spectators

The Sodden Spectators

A Trio of Suspense Stories

Short Story Collection by Joslyn Chase



These stories appear in the short story collection, What Leads A Man To Murder. 

A classic mystery in Agatha Christie style. A story of kidnapping gone wrong…or maybe right. A tale of superstition and treasure, tempered by a dead cat. Prize-winning author, Joslyn Chase, delivers on three delightful stories.

 The Sodden Spectators

 Mystery novelist Cathryn Harcourt never met a mystery she couldn’t solve…in the pages of her own books.

Faced with a real-life puzzle on which hangs the happiness of two young lovers, can she find a solution before they’re forced apart?

 And when the stakes rise higher than anyone imagined, can she outsmart a wily, unsuspected murderer?

 Join Cathryn as she travels from Kentucky to Brazil on the tracks of a clever killer.


A Simple Glass of Water

 Who knew a simple glass of water could hold so much?

 And that it could change from half empty to half full in the course of a day.

 It carried the seeds of Ruben’s destruction, turned his world upside down, and drowned him in despair.

 Might it also offer the key to his salvation?


Blessings and Curses on a Calico Cat

 If curiosity killed the cat, it sat behind the wheel of a white Chrysler LeBaron the day Mrs. Friskers died.

 A young woman, raised on a diet of superstition, struggles to chop away the apron strings and

prove her worth to a persnickety, white-gloved mama, and the loss of her mouse-killing cat makes the battle twice as hard.

And twice as lonely.

 A humorous and heart-warming story of a young woman learning to stand on her own.


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Joslyn Chase writes suspense fiction, ranging from mysteries to thrillers with an occasional dip into the horror genre. She is a classical pianist, music teacher, and storyteller who loves American History and holds a degree in American Studies.

Joslyn is a regular contributor on The Write Practice blog, and also writes a blog of her own on the power of story, which you can find at, along with updates and new releases. You can sign up for her reader group to access bonus material and free stories. Her latest thriller is Nocturne In Ashes, a race to stop a serial killer in the aftermath of a Mt. Rainier eruption.

Joslyn loves to travel and has ridden camels through the Nubian desert, fended off greedy monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar, punted on the River Cam, and hiked the Bavarian Alps, but she still believes that sometimes the best adventure is in getting the words on the page or in the thrill of reading a good story.

She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, with her husband, a dog, and at least one child at any given time, but has previously resided in Spain and Germany as well as various locations in the United States.

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