Socks and Pins and Aliens

Socks and Pins and Aliens

Socks and Pins and Aliens

Short Story by Thea Hutcheson

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When Megan moves into her new house, things begin to disappear. Weird things like socks, decorative pins, and a cheap class ring. Things she just saw recently and don’t have a lot of value, but she misses them all the same. She can’t decide whether to blame it on her cheating ex or a klepto ghost. When her best friend sends a geeky ghost hunter her way, Megan finds a chance for romance and something she never expected in her wildest dreams.


Lois Tilton of Locus Magazine said Thea Hutcheson’s work “is sensual, fertile, with seed quickening on every page. Well done…” Her work has appeared in such places as Hot Blood XI, Fatal Attractions, where her story, “Not a Meat Puppet, a Magic Puppet”, garnered an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: 17th Annual Collection; Baen’s Universe Issue 4, Vol. 1, also reprinted in The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe; the Beauty and the Beast Issue of The Enchanted Conversation; Realms of Fantasy’s 100th issue; and in Fiction River’s Recycled Pulp anthology, where she wrote an epic fantasy novel in less than six thousand words and Fiction River’s Haunted anthology. She has and upcoming story in and Pulse Pounders 3. She has the distinction of winning Apex Magazine’s 2013 Merry Christmas Flash Fiction Contest.