Silent Victor

Silent Victor

Silent Victor

Novel by J. Daniel Sawyer

$4.99 available in bundles


Clarke Lantham met his limit for kooks, cranks, and crooks when a world-famous alien hunter tried to hire him to prevent an attack on San Francisco. But twelve hours later, when a commando team of Gray aliens steals a priceless artifact and a security guard from the California Academy of Sciences, the head of the security calls in a favor from the only man he knows that might help: Clarke Lantham.

With the FBI, Lloyds of London, and the Chinese Ministry of State Security against him, Lantham races spies, assassins, and conspiracy theorists to find the missing man—and the treasure that went with him—before the theft sparks an international showdown between the world’s most fearsome superpowers and the alien overlords they allegedly support.

When the field gets that crowded, someone’s bound to get hurt. But even that might not bother Lantham…if he didn’t have to sleep on the couch.


A longtime award-nominated audio/video producer and tech journalist-turned-novelist, J. Daniel Sawyer’s abusive behavior toward the English language finally landed him in trouble with the release of his hard-boiled Clarke Lantham Mysteries. When not speculating about crime and punishment, or laying out twisted visions in his sci-fi thriller series The Antithesis Progression or his cabin fever comedy Down From Ten, he bends his mind toward corrupting his fellow authors with educational books like Throwing Lead: A Writer’s Guide to Firearms (and the People Who Use Them) and Making Tracks: A Writer’s Guide to Audiobooks (and How To Produce Them).

On the rare occasion that he escapes his cavernous studio to see the light of day, he slips away into the wilds of the San Francisco back country where he devotes his energies to running afoul of local traffic ordinances in his never-ending pursuit of the ultimate driving road.

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