In the Siberian Fields

In the Siberian Fields

In the Siberian Fields

Novel by Harvey Stanbrough

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Could you mine the bones of your own ancestors? And if so, at what cost?

In the early 22nd century, the Earth is governed by the World Equality Organization (WEO). Like all corrupt governments, they not-so subliminally plant imagined problems for the citizenry, then parlay the citizens’ fear into power.

The Jewish people, who for centuries have been considered “God’s Chosen,” are seen as a barrier to true equality. To illustrate their devotion to equality, the WEO begins a massive purge, during which Jews are rounded up and relocated forcibly—into mass graves.

At 8 years old, Jonathan Kirski escapes the second purge of the Jews. But he is ashamed he didn’t die alongside his father.

Now the lunar colony needs an extract from human bones to sustain its construction. To punish himself, Jonathan has chosen to mine the bones of his people in the Siberian fields.

The bodies don’t decay.

The faces are always there.

But Jonathan is prepared.

Are you?


Harvey Stanbrough is an award-winning writer who adheres to Heinlein’s Rules. He also enjoys the freedom of a technique called Writing Off Into the Dark.

Harvey’s works have been nominated for the Frankfurt (Germany) Book Fair Award, the Foreword Magazine Engraver’s Award, the Pushcart Prize, the BEA (NY) Book of the Year Award and the National Book Award.

By the end of March 2016, Harvey had written and published hundreds of poems, well over 100 short stories, 14 novels and a novella. He had also compiled 5 critically acclaimed poetry collections and 25 collections of short fiction.

Harvey’s titles are available in every ebook format in over 400 markets and 1200 libraries worldwide. His longer works also are available in print.

Because he is unable to do otherwise, he splits his writing personality among four writing personas. Strictly to be cagey, he also slips in and out among various pseudonyms.