Shadows of Death

Death Comes with Fury (and Dark Humor) To a Small Town South of Chicago

Shadows of Death

Shadows of Death

Death Comes with Fury (and Dark Humor) To a Small Town South of Chicago

Novel by Carl S. Plumer

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An original idea in the ocean of teen coming-of-age comedy dramas. The characters . . . don't really have serious issues. Well, except for the massive evil that invades at the beginning of the story . . . Swift, macabre fun with a happy ending.

Jim Lion,


At the edge of a suburban Chicago town, just off the interstate, four high school friends discover a mysterious portal into a cold, dark world. They sense a terrible evil and barely escape with their lives.

Back in the world they’ve known since childhood, something has turned horribly wrong. Neighbors, teachers, and relatives are dying — of rare and unique diseases or strange circumstance.

As their parents and best friends become the latest victims, the teens understand they must return to the dark place again to save the world. Even if it cost them their lives.

Join Conner, Almira, Ricky and Flower as they run from Death and into the arms of Love!

For fans of Teen Fantasy For Girls, Teen Fantasy For Boys, Teen Humor, Young Adult Supernatural Book Series, Teen Paranormal Mysteries, Teen Death Paranormal, and Teen Fantasy!


CARL S. PLUMER was born in so-called New York City, holds advanced degrees in writing (and he’s not intending on letting go), and has spent his life surrounded by words (mostly on his tee shirts). He’s delivered some of the first known newspapers, worked on the original printing press, managed the first bookstore established in America, taught writing back when it was known as “runes,” wrote for literary magazines back when they were dreadful, and has always considered himself a writer (although many have strenuously disagreed). He is an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (based on weight) Quarterfinalist and a National Indie Excellence Award (based on bribes) Finalist.