Sexy With the Supernatural

Lesbian Paranormal Erotica

Sexy With the Supernatural

Sexy With the Supernatural

Lesbian Paranormal Erotica

Short Story Collection by Little Kisses Press



Join acclaimed erotica authors Andrea Dale, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and Sophie Mouette as they explore the sensuous mysteries of lesbian paranormal erotica.

Lustful vampires. Achingly sexy ghosts. Passionate Dryads. Curvaceous and cursed shapeshifters. Enigmatic and erotic goddesses.

If you like your delectable women with a sparkling overlay of myth and magic, this scintillating collection is for you!

Contains the following stories:

• For a Muse of Fire
• Devouring Heart
• Watching You Without Me
• Rites of Spring
• Wherein Elin Encounters the Ladies
• Soaring With Eliana
• Under a Double Rainbow
• Pow! Bash! Yes, Yes!
• Catalyst


Author of the 4-star (Romantic Times) novel Cat Scratch Fever, Out of the Frying Pan, Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess, and many short stories, Sophie Mouette is the brainchild of two widely published authors of erotica, romance, and speculative fiction.

The two halves of Sophie—Dayle A. Dermatis (aka Andrea Dale) and Teresa Noelle Roberts—met more than two decades ago at a writers’ conference. Talking nonstop, they closed down the hotel bar and went somewhere else to keep on talking. Although they’ve always lived on opposite sides of the country (and for a few years, on opposite sides of the Atlantic), they’ve remained very close friends, and it was only natural that they should start writing together as well.

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