A Broken Circle Story



A Broken Circle Story

Short Story by Rei Rosenquist

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Miru scales a vat. Perching on the edge of the lidless rim, Miru plunges a dirty rebar into the mash digging for a bite to eat.

The wind picks up. The tang of rot and trash slap Miru in the face. Miru slips, scrambles, nearly falls into the vat’s gaping mouth. Catching the rim, Miru dangles.

A scream pierces the air.

The sound of a beast.

Miru slithers down and chooses to go hunting. Real meat over artificial vat proteins. Killing over starving to death. Moving over waiting to die.

A good choice or just the only one?

Rei Rosenquist writes the Broken Circle stories from a dark place, holding a black hope close to a faintly beating heart. These stories bring you a gritty speculative future so hollow it will leave you hunting, squinting, begging for light.

Read the Writers of the Future Silver Honorable Mention Award-winning short story and discover hope in a desert of death.


Rei Rosenquist first remembers life as seen out the high window of a hotel balcony. Down below is a courtyard, swarms of brightly dressed tourists, the beach. The memory is nothing but a blue-green washed image. Warmth and sunlight. Here, they are three years old, and this is the beginning of a nomadic story-teller’s life.

Over the years, they have traveled to many countries, engaged many peoples, picked up new habits, and learned new languages. But, some things never change. For them, the constants of life are stories, food service, and traveling. These three passions have bloomed from hobbies, studies, and jobs into a way of life.

These days, Rei can be found in between Tokyo, Kailua Hawaii, and Bellingham Washington pouring beautiful latte art, baking off a batch of famous savory scones, and cozying up with a laptop to obsessively write dark speculative fiction that aims to inspire light.