Rose Swartz Wears Rose Quartz

Rose Swartz Wears Rose Quartz

Rose Swartz Wears Rose Quartz

Short Story by Brenda Carre

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Lickspit is a failure as a dwarf and as a demon. Now, the Boss has sent him to Anchorage, Alaska to sell air-conditioners to seniors as a punishment for pranking Hell with a mirth-spreading disease called the Galloping Mischief. His nemesis? Rose Swartz: an incorrigible octogenarian imp with a penchant for astrology and cookie making, who leads Lickspit into a world of surrealism and mischief that turns dwarves into warriors and old ladies into avenging angels.


Brenda Carre’s short fiction has appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, Sky Warrior Books, Ragnarok’s Blackguards/Blacklist Anthology. Brenda writes spicy historical romance as Tess Cornwall. Brenda also writes epic fantasy, poetry and novellas. Nor is she afraid to write doggerel. In fact, she made him a character and killed him off. When she is not playing about in a variety of genres from spicy romance to thriller to grimdark fantasy, Brenda also works as a visual artist, and educator and teaches a workshop on mapping through story.