Return to Honor

Return to Honor

Return to Honor

Novel by Doug Beason

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Five thousand miles from the U.S., the president of the United States is facing death. In one hour, an American force will strike back—with the most daring rescue mission ever!

The RDF—Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force—can strike anywhere in the world in under an hour. Their secret weapon: the Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle flown at 15,000 miles per hour by the Air Force’s most elite pilots, carrying a deadly cargo of highly trained marines. The technology is unproven. But its time has come.…    


Dr. Doug Beason is the author of thirteen novels as well as two non-fiction books.

A Nebula Award finalist, Doug has published over 100 short stories and other work in publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Analog, Amazing Stories, Physics of Fluids, and Physical Review Letters.  A Fellow of the American Physical Society and Ph.D. physicist, Doug retired as the Associate Laboratory Director at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he was responsible for the people and programs that reduce the global threat of weapons of mass destruction.  A retired USAF Colonel, Doug’s last active duty assignment was the Commander of the Phillips Research Site and Deputy Director for Directed Energy at the Air Force Research Laboratory.  He has worked on the White House staff for the President’s Science Advisor, and was recently the Chief Scientist of US Air Force Space Command.  A 1977 graduate of the USAF Academy, he served on the USAF Academy faculty as an Associate Professor of Physics and Director of Faculty Research.