Recumon: Love Muraenidae Electricus

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Recumon: Love Muraenidae Electricus

Recumon: Love Muraenidae Electricus

Short Story by Michael R.E. Adams

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Abel Carraway falls asleep in class. He dreams of an ocean.

In the fathoms, a mysterious girl beseeches two animal spirits for a dance of love and revenge that leads to tragedy in the world of the living.

What happens when politics and demons entwine with a young woman’s yearning for revenge?

In a world where desires and fears can conjure the ghosts of eels and lambs, Recumon’s literary stories lace into a lyrical web of the paranormal and the psychological that forms a mosaic of the human condition.


MICHAEL R.E. ADAMS pens narratives in the speculative tradition. He invokes the meditative lyricism of literary fiction and the mysterious suspense of genre fiction to create complex characters in magical and science-based worlds. From a black aristocrat casting curses in a scheme for power to a gay Asian American leading a superheroic fight to protect the innocent, he portrays underrepresented groups to expand the world’s imagination of who we can all be. Even with magic, superpowers, and new perspectives, he tells tales that all people can relate to, stories about the desire and fear of connecting to others and exploring our own hearts. (