Reality Challenged


A young psionic is given an impossible task: Save the Multiverse. Fortunately, there’s a 4 ton armored poet and his mercenary friend to help out. There’s also a party of trans-universal dungeon explorers, a dragon, reluctant royalty, a girl with way too many heads, a pair of coffee drinkers, a rock band, and a man who has lost his mammal status. Not all universes are alike. Some might not be so easy to leave. That’s the good news. This humorous sci-fi adventure is the first book of The Other Universes series.


Ubiquitous Bubba (if that’s his real name) spends a significant amount of time surrounded by imaginary characters from bizarre universes. He’s been known to hold conversations with animals, inanimate objects, and food. These discussions frequently diverge into philosophy, speculations on Reality/Unreality, and the proper role of cheese in society.

Growing up in Texas, he studied the lore of the Storyteller, the mysterious art of the tall tale, and the pervasive universal existence of Bubbas. They’re everywhere. As he wandered universes, he discovered that there’s always a Bubba around when you need one.

Ubiquitous is also a drummer, who has somewhat narrow and specialized musical tastes. A fan of progressive and hard rock styles, he’s also known to incorporate some funk just to keep himself entertained.

Ubiquitous Bubba enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and kids. He enjoys telling stories, eating pizza, and holding the recliner down. It hasn’t gotten away yet, but one can’t be too careful.