Proof of Devotion

Proof of Devotion

Proof of Devotion

Short Story by Dayle A. Dermatis

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If Claire can’t prove Jason loves her, a faerie curse will rip them apart forever. But how do you prove someone’s devoted to you?

Short story “Proof of Devotion” cleverly blends fantasy and romance in the magical Welsh countryside and proves why bestselling author Dayle A. Dermatis has been called one of the best writers working today.

“Proof of Devotion” originally appeared in Fabulous Whitby (Shrew Press, 2008) in a slightly different format.


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Bestselling author Dayle A. Dermatis has been hailed as “one of the best writers working today.” Under various pseudonyms (and sometimes with coauthors), she’s published several novels and more than a hundred short stories in multiple genres, including fantasy and SF, romance, mystery, thriller, and YA. She is a founding member of the Uncollected Anthology project.

A recent transplant to the wild greenscapes of the Pacific Northwest, in her spare time she follows Styx around the country and travels the world, all of which inspires her writing. She loves music, cats, Wales, old houses, magic, laughter, and defying expectations.

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