Paper Trick

Paper Trick

Paper Trick

Short Story by Brigid Collins

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Everyone recognizes Claire Krane’s artistic gift when she’s working with paper. Everyone except her parents, that is, who are too busy with work to have time for her. Her nanny is the only one who knows the true extent of Claire’s ability to bring her paper creations to life, and she’s stressed the importance of keeping the magic a secret.

But with the school play coming up, and her parents hinting they might actually have time to come see it, Claire is willing to pull out all the stops to impress them. The only problem is how little control she has over her mischievous paper tricks, and when they go rogue on her, they might ruin more than just the climax of the school play.


Brigid Collins is a fantasy and science fiction writer living in Michigan. Her short stories have appeared in Fiction River, The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, and The MCB Quarterly. Books 1 through 3 of her fantasy series, Songbird River Chronicles, are available in print and electronic versions on Amazon and Kobo. You can sign up for her newsletter at or follow her on twitter @purellian.