The Overall Effect of Them

The Overall Effect of Them

The Overall Effect of Them

Short Story Collection by Harvey Stanbrough



These ten stories run the gamut of the near erotic to the pure romance, from the wild west to an incredible future, from murder for hire to a pastoral home to a morgue. The common thread? The women who drove them.

In “Paper Hearts,” a waiter, now an older gentleman, finds a pair of paper hearts. But when exactly did he find them? In “About Mrs. Featherberry,” we learn what spoiled sardines have to do with homemade pie. In “The Laborer,” a lightly erotic romance, like her husband says, there’s no harm in looking. In “Ink,” a woman bears a very different kind of power and is incredible in its deployment.

“Coralín,”  a story excerpted from the novel, The Marshal of Agua Perlado, might be the stronest typhoon ever to hit Mexico; she is most definitely the strongest ever to hit former Texas Ranger Wes Crowley. In “The Unfortunate Life of Thomas Mercer,” led astray by a woman, a young preacher wrests his mind from the silly to the serious to give his death the dignity it deserves. “There’s No Fool” like an old fool, as is proven again by Reginald Cranston in this short story excerpted from the novel The Advent of Simon Stark.

In “Going Back,” a gentleman does just that through the Age Exchange, trading his twenty-year life expectance for ten good years on this side of the ground. In “Sordid & Organized,” we find that a mortician places great emphasis on the notion of waste not, want not. And finally in “Saved,” an elderly gentleman has outgrown all of his companions except the gnarled old live oak tree on the hill. The tree is a great listener, but has never spoken. Well, until it’s too late.


Harvey Stanbrough adheres to Heinlein’s Rules and writes across all genres. His works have been nominated for the Frankfurt (Germany) Book Fair Award, the Foreword Magazine Engraver’s Award, the Pushcart Prize, the BEA (NY) Book of the Year Award and the National Book Award.

Harvey has written and published 20+ novels and novellas, 160+ short stories, and hundreds of poems. He has compiled 5 critically acclaimed poetry collections and 25 collections of short fiction.

Harvey’s titles are available in every ebook format in over 400 markets and 1200 libraries worldwide. His longer works also are available in print. He splits his writing personality among four personas and various pseudonyms.