The Outsider Tales

The Outsider Tales

The Outsider Tales

Short Story Collection by Mark Gillespie



Stories about the ones who don’t fit…

The Outsider Tales is a collection of five of Mark Gillespie’s early short stories about society’s black sheep - that is, the weirdos, the losers, and the indescribables who don’t fit in.


Snowballs From Mars (Winner of IdeasTap Short Story Competition) - During her first day at work, a young library assistant witnesses a shocking incident involving one of the regular members.

The Architect - On New Year’s Eve, a failed actor receives a mysterious phone call from a stranger with a familiar voice. But who is the man on the other end of the line? And what does he want?

Dark Lights - A body is laid to rest in the town of Seaview. But why are there no mourners?

Scratched Rolls Royce - A lonely woman rides the city bus at night, in search of cheap thrills with strangers.

The Rambler - Two soulmates cross paths after thirty years apart.


Mark Gillespie was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Nowadays he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and small menagerie of four-legged creatures.

He writes Speculative Fiction - what if scenarios, alternate history, dystopian, apocalyptic, with a little pop culture thrown in on the side.

He is the author of the popular Future of London Series - a ‘masterfully written’ dystopian saga in which a futuristic London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation and has over the years, become a reality TV show for the rest of the world’s entertainment. 

He is also responsible for the FAB Trilogy - a series of alternate history-fantasy books that imagine a world in which John Lennon is alive and well. (“For sheer amazing imagination, FAB is hard to beat.”)

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