One of the Smarter Ones

Uncollected Anthology: Warlocks

One of the Smarter Ones

One of the Smarter Ones

Uncollected Anthology: Warlocks

Short Story by Stephanie Writt

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I can’t believe they fired me!

I mean I could have done without the pomp and circumstance of being bodily thrown from the department store. How was I to know that I was a raging lunatic? No one had told me that until that day. I mean, according to Pierre Marie Jerk-nad, I was a true wad of bonkers. Lost to the realms of the drooling and eating my own crap.

Well, I can attest to right now that I have never eaten my own crap.

And whatever I’d done to make him think I was a raging lunatic I was going to try to avoid today, because today I started my new job.

And I forgot to put on underwear.


An award winning writer and actor, Stephanie loves to tell stories in all forms and genres and has been writing fiction professionally since 2011.

Adventuring all about the United States, Stephanie has lived at the heart of all theatre in New York City, beneath the burnt orange spires of the Golden Gate and across the street from the white hot beaches of Maui, Hawaii. She found her place in the rain-forest-like mountains of the pacific northwest. There she writes with a smile on her lips, her heart in her fingertips and at least one furry sidekick on her feet/lap/keyboard.

Stephanie does not use pen names, so all of her published works can be found online with your preferred distributor or at your local bookstore under her name. All of Stephanie’s published titles are scheduled to become available in paperback, eBook, and audio.

To view all of her titles, news, and information, please visit her website at