No Money in Heroism

No Money in Heroism

No Money in Heroism

Novella by Stefon Mears

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Chuck Halloran can fly, and pull weapons out of his imagination. Like his father.Chuck longs to fight crime as a superhero. Unlike his father.Can Chuck take his place as a hero, when every superhero he meets treats him like a villain?No Money in Heroism, a superhero novella of moral questions and superpowered battles. By Stefon Mears, author of Not Quite Bulletproof, and other Power City Tales.


Stefon Mears earned his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from N.I.L.A., and his B.A. in Religious Studies (double emphasis in Ritual and Mythology) from U.C. Berkeley. Stefon’s short pieces have sold to magazines such as Fireside and Strange Horizons and anthologies edited by Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Kerrie L. Hughes, and John Helfers. He has published more than twenty books to date, including The Telepath Trilogy. Look for him online at, on GooglePlus, or @stefonmears on Twitter. Sign up for his newsletter at, or his Patreon at