No Kind'a Time

No Kind'a Time

No Kind'a Time

Novel by Harvey Stanbrough

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A Border Patrol captain is ordered by his superiors to stand down regarding gun shipments across the border. But when he receives a hot tip from a Mexican contact regarding a gun-runner, he can’t just not do his job.

On paid leave, he sets up an ambush with a few friends — including an Arizona Ranger and an off-duty deputy sheriff — on a hill overlooking a border road. They expect to thwart the gun-running operation. But it’s all a ruse.

The gun-runner is hauling human cargo, not guns, and not for the purpose of resettling them in the US. They will be a lesson.

The Arizona Ranger, Dale Crowley, recognizes Manuel Vallejo, the gun-runner, as the man who escaped justice years earlier when he raped and beat a young girl.

Vallejo peers up at the hill. Somehonw he knows Crowley is there. And he delivers a chilling edict.


Harvey Stanbrough is an award-winning writer who adheres to Heinlein’s Rules. He also enjoys the freedom of a technique called Writing Off Into the Dark.

Harvey’s works have been nominated for the Frankfurt (Germany) Book Fair Award, the Foreword Magazine Engraver’s Award, the Pushcart Prize, the BEA (NY) Book of the Year Award and the National Book Award.

By the end of August 2016, Harvey had written and published hundreds of poems, well over 140 short stories, 19 novels and a novella. He had also compiled 5 critically acclaimed poetry collections and 25 collections of short fiction.

Harvey’s titles are available in every ebook format in over 400 markets and 1200 libraries worldwide. His longer works also are available in print.

Because he is unable to do otherwise, he splits his writing personality among four writing personas. Strictly to be cagey, he also slips in and out among various pseudonyms.