Never After

Never After

Never After

Short Story by Jaime Lee Moyer

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“You wake and remember why he haunts you.

Blood washes off in the shower. You cry and never feel clean.”

Lillian Bryan goes to the office each morning and tries to ignore her co-workers’ stares, and her boss’ suspicions. She wants to believe that the battles she fights each night aren’t real, that it’s all a vivid dream. Lily tries to pretend that the nightmare will end; that she’ll stop waking up stiff and sore and bloody, haunted by the memory of those dying all around her. Haunted even more by how quickly she heals, and that she can’t seem to die.

The truth is she’s starting to forget living a life without fear and pain, or without ghosts staring in silent reproach. What’s happening to her is real, and Lily can’t break free of the nightmare.

Not without help.


Jaime Lee Moyer lives in a land of cactus, cowboys, and rhinestones, while dreaming of tall trees and the ocean. She writes novels about murder and betrayal, friendship, ghosts and magic. Her first novel Delia’s Shadow was published by Tor Books in 2013,_ A Barricade In Hell _in 2014, and _Against A Brightening Sky _in 2015. Delia’s Shadow won the 2009 Columbus Literary Award for Fiction, administered by Thurber House and funded by the Columbus Art Counsel. She writes a lot. She reads as much as she can.