Mr Apocalypse

Future of London #2

Mr Apocalypse

Mr Apocalypse

Future of London #2

Novel by Mark Gillespie



The year is 2020. London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation.

The people there abide by no rules. There is no police presence. No laws or consequences. There is only the ravaged city, hidden behind two superwalls since the carnage of 2011.

And yet they are not alone.

The survivors don’t know it, but their lives are being broadcast 24/7 to the outside world on a reality TV show called The Future of London. Their every move is scrutinised by millions of people on social media.

The star of the show is a mysterious loner - Mr Apocalypse. A dark and twisted road awaits our reluctant hero. It’s a road that will change everything. It’s a road that leads Mr Apocalypse towards the truth about his life in this nightmarish version of London.

Mr Apocalypse is a dark and gritty dystopian/alternate history novel that asks ‘What If?’ It is the second book in the Future of London series.


Mark Gillespie was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Nowadays he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and small menagerie of four-legged creatures.

He writes Speculative Fiction - what if scenarios, alternate history, dystopian, apocalyptic, with a little pop culture thrown in on the side.

He is the author of the popular Future of London Series - a ‘masterfully written’ dystopian saga in which a futuristic London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation and has over the years, become a reality TV show for the rest of the world’s entertainment. 

He is also responsible for the FAB Trilogy - a series of alternate history-fantasy books that imagine a world in which John Lennon is alive and well. (“For sheer amazing imagination, FAB is hard to beat.”)

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