Mother of the Waters

Mother of the Waters

Mother of the Waters

Novella by Leigh Saunders

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In the spring of 1810, the death of his father – and discovery of an unknown uncle – sends fifteen year-old Samuel Harlowe from his simple life in England across the sea on a journey filled with dangers and wonders he never imagined.

And when a kraken attacks his ship, Samuel must choose to whether to let his crewmates perish in the watery depths, or to pay the price demanded by the Caribbean goddess Mami Wata, the Mother of the Waters.


Leigh Saunders grew up as a “military brat.” And while she’s long-since settled in her Rocky Mountain home, her life-long wanderlust regularly inspires her to write about the people and places that spark her imagination. In her day job, Leigh writes user materials for a large software company — an endeavor which is often not all that far from writing science fiction.
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