Secret Origins: Book One



Secret Origins: Book One

Short Story Collection by J. D. Brink



A doomsday cult has risen in Mesa City.  Only a motley crew of rookie superheroes stand in their way.

Signs of the Never-Ending Serpent haunt alleyways and nightmares, and the police seem powerless to stop it.  Medicine Man and Coyote stood against them and Coyote paid the ultimate price.  Her partner hasn’t been seen since.  Gone off the deep end, they say. 

Is there no one who can save us from the End of Days?

Combining the classic conventions of the genre with fantastic new twists, this trio of superhero adventures features a diverse cast of capes in the American Southwest and is sure to please comic book fans young and old.  It includes Masks, Puppet Theatre, and Medicine Man, a story of young Native American heroes that was awarded an honorable mention in the Writers of the Future Contest.

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If taking a college fencing class, eating from the trash can, and smelling like an animal were qualifications for becoming a sword-swinging barbarian, J. D. Brink might be Conan’s protégé. But since that career path seemed less than promising, he has instead been a sailor, spy, nurse, and officer in the U.S. Navy, as well as a gravedigger, insurance adjuster, and school teacher in civilian life. Today (spring, 2016) he and his family are stationed in Japan, where he’s providing a bad example for all Americans. In his writing, as in life, Mr. Brink enjoys dabbling in multiple genres.