The Magician's Grift

The Magician's Grift

The Magician's Grift

Novelette by DeAnna Knippling

$1.99 available in bundle


Secrets:  Everybody’s got one or two…

Even before the stock market crash of 1929, Eliza lives in a world of secrets as a legal secretary to a wizened old lawyer in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.  If she admits that she’s practically engaged to be married, she’ll lose her job.  

Then one day she notices that Foshay Tower’s shadow has turned into impenetrable ink. She’s pulled off the street by a grifter who claims that the tower is cursed and that if she can see such a thing that she must have magical talent…a little bit, at least.

The grifter lies about a lot of things, but Eliza really does have magic…and Foshay Tower really is about to fall. 

Unfortunately taking Eliza’s boss’s money—and therefore Eliza’s job—with it.  

How can Eliza use a smidge of magic and a handful of secrets to get her boss’s money back?

By drafting a grifter to do her dirty work!


DeAnna Knippling is a writer, a parent, and an overthinker who boldly paranoids where no one has paranoided before. Her superpower is speed reading. She ghostwrites novels for fun and profit. She has an essay in the award-winning Women Destroy Science Fiction! collection. She has had stories published in Penumbra, Three-Lobed Burning Eye, Black Static, and more. Her latest novel, Alice’s Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts, comes out of her obsession with all things Alice. She writes books for middle-graders as De Kenyon. Her website is