The Mage's Grave

The Mage's Grave

The Mage's Grave

Novel by Timothy L. Cerepaka



Book One in the Mages of Martir series

Thirty-five-year-old Darek Takren always did his best to keep up with the demands of the prestigious North Academy, a magical school where only those with the drive to succeed are allowed to learn. Having lived in the school for his whole life, Darek Takren sees North Academy as his home, a sanctuary safe from the troubles that plague the outside world.

But when his best friend is injured in an unexpected attack on the school, Darek Takren’s struggle to uncover the attacker’s identity leads him into a much deeper scheme that, if successful, will spell the end not only for the school, but for the whole world and the gods themselves.

And he may not have what it takes to stop it.


Timothy L. Cerepaka was born in Austin, Texas, although he was raised in the small town of Cherokee Texas, where he was homeschooled by his parents and where he still lives today.

As a young boy growing up building LEGO sets, reading books from many different genres and on many different subjects, and playing video games, Timothy’s strong imagination led him to begin writing his first stories. He began posting these stories on the Internet on a fansite dedicated to the LEGO toy line called BIONICLE, where he met similar authors starting out and received a lot of valuable criticism to help improve his work.

Yet it wasn’t until 2014 that Timothy decided to get serious about his dream and began pursuing his writing career. After founding the independent press known as Annulus Publishing to publish his work, Timothy published his first book, the epic fantasy novel titled The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock, in June of 2014, following it up over the next few months with the next three installments in his Prince Malock World series of fantasy novels.

Although Timothy reads all types of books in many different genres, his primary interests are in fantasy and science-fiction, though he enjoys a good mystery novel every now and then. This is reflected in his major writer influences: Greg Farshtey, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Rachel Aaron. He also enjoys the Sherlock Holmes books and stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having read all of them several times each.

His series are:

Prince Malock World

Mages of Martir

Tournament of the Gods

Two Worlds

The War-Torn Kingdom