Legacy of the Land

Legacy of the Land

Legacy of the Land

Novella by Kari Kilgore



Elenda Murphy needs change like she needs oxygen.
Constant motion.
Extreme adventure.
Anything but standing still.
Her heart always as restless as her mind.
Then a shattered leg sends Elenda back to the bedrock of family.
An enchanting tale of destiny and free will.


Kari Kilgore lives and works in her native mountains of Virginia. From that solid home base, she and her husband Jason Adams find adventures all over the world to bring to life in fiction. Exploring local legends and mythologies in particular delights and inspires them.

Kari writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and she’s happiest when she scares herself. She lives at the end of a long dirt road in the middle of the woods with Jason, two dogs, two cats, and wildlife they’re better off not knowing more about.