The Last Ant


The ant scurries on the counter, alone and the only remnant of its poisoned colony. Empathizing with the ant, Natalie ponders putting it out of its misery. As a scientist, she knows her flowcharts point to humankind’s destruction: much like the ants, we polluted our colony too.

Heading up one of a handful of secret labs, Natalie’s mission to save humanity seems more like a cliché sci-fi movie than reality. Or maybe the world-weary views she possesses stem from her own bitter past. 

Knowing the final days of humanity approaches, Natalie plans for her revenge and escape.

A dark tale of the world near death and one woman determined to survive against all the odds.


Dawn Blair is a multi-dimensional, time-traveling tour guide.

Dawn has a passion for telling stories about noble hearts and fantastic places. Though she started out writing novels, her life expanded into art and photography. She created Morning Sky Studios to support all of her creative endeavors: writing, painting, illustrating, animating, and photography. 

Dawn has two fictional series in publication: Sacred Knight and The Loki Adventures. She has won numerous awards for writing, painting, and photography and has collectors of her art in Canada, Spain, Australia, and the United States. She also is currently writing and illustrating a story about a vampire saving the world in her graphic novel, Weblinks, as well as an inspiration comic, Rockin’ Life, about achieving your dreams by taking action.

You can find out more about Dawn Blair and her work on her websites: (artwork) (books) (comic/graphic novel work)