Knights of the Golden Circle

A Rory Mack Steele Novel

Knights of the Golden Circle

Knights of the Golden Circle

A Rory Mack Steele Novel

Novel by Eugene Lloyd MacRae



This is the second book I read from the series, and had a lot of fun. There are secret societies, very bad guys, very cool kids, and a treasure hunt. Who is this book for? Anyone who want to go along in an adventure.

Sandra Martinez, Amazon


They waited from the time of the American Civil War for the South to rise again.

They waited, watched, plotted and killed.

They guarded buried treasure.

In April 1865, as the end of the Civil War neared, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, had the Confederate treasury and the wealth of several banks placed on a special train and moved from Richmond, Virginia into Georgia. Legend says The Knights of The Golden Circle buried the cargo of gold and silver bars, gold dust and gold and silver coins, setting up elaborate signs leading to the treasure cache. They have guarded it ever since from treasure hunters, waiting for the Confederacy to rise again. Finally the Knights of The Golden Circle are ready to strike a massive blow against the U.S. Government. Only Rory Mack Steele stands in the way as he tries to protect two young children and two innocent adults caught up in their mad scheme.


Eugene Lloyd MacRae began writing novels after a near-fatal heart attack left him lying in bed with little to do. Pecking away on a Blackberry Playbook he had bought 2 months before, the stories and characters that emerged kept him company and started a whole new journey. He now writes under several pen names in a variety of genres.