Killer Vacation

A Lark & Landry Mystery

Killer Vacation

Killer Vacation

A Lark & Landry Mystery

Novel by R.F. Kacy

$3.99 available in bundle


Spring break is all about fun in the sun… 

Until murder enters the forecast.

Megan and Cassie are off on a tropical island vacation. Parties, guys, and the beach all beckon. 

But when they learn a friend is dead, the girls have to decide.

Accept it as an accident or revive their old partnership to investigate. 

Helped by a mysterious old lady and the discovery of a poison frog, The Diva Detectives make a comeback. And the more questions they ask, the more the death looks suspicious.

But they forget to ask the most important question of all. If it was murder, what is the killer doing now?



Planning to eliminate them before they spoil the perfect crime.

The girls battle for truth and justice, but surviving their quest will be the biggest accomplishment.

Killer Vacation is the first book in the new Lark & Landry Mystery Series of novels written for fans of the classic Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Alfred Hitchcock stories. It features two girls who couldn’t be more different, but can’t live without each other. If you like quirky characters, suspenseful action, and plot twists galore, then you’ll love this new series. 


R.F. Kacy draws on 30 years of experience dealing with college students to create stories filled with quirky characters. His main writing focus is on “Slightly Unclean Mysteries.” Think Nancy Drew meets Alfred Hitchcock at a party thrown by David Lynch. Not quite cozy, but not a splatter-fest either. Sometimes weird and head-scratching. They’re the stories Agatha Christie would write if she was wandering around 21st century America.

Kacy grew up in the Detroit area, earned degrees at three different universities, and ended up working most of his career in the deep south where he still lives with his wife and a small, demented cat. He dreams of becoming a digital nomad, exploring the world by caravan. 

By day Kacy is often seen with handsaws, planes, and other ancient implements for working wood. By night he roams the darkened streets, looking for stories and trying not to fall into open manholes.