Keeper of the Promise

Keeper of the Promise

Keeper of the Promise

Novel by Harvey Stanbrough



The prophets promised a king who would restore justice on Earth. But it’s a tall order, and prophecy can be interpreted in many ways.

When the 13th daughter of a 13th daughter meets the 13th son of a 13th son, she is ecstatic. Their union will break the curse that has plagued both their families for generations.

But over time the line blurs. Is the child a cursed remnant of a prophecy gone awry? Or is he the fulfillment of that prophecy?


Harvey Stanbrough adheres to Heinlein’s Rules and writes across all genres. His works have been nominated for the Frankfurt (Germany) Book Fair Award, the Foreword Magazine Engraver’s Award, the Pushcart Prize, the BEA (NY) Book of the Year Award and the National Book Award.

Harvey has written and published 28 novels and 4 novellas, 180+ short stories, and hundreds of poems. He has compiled 5 critically acclaimed poetry collections and 25 collections of short fiction.

Harvey’s titles are available in every ebook format in over 400 markets and 1200 libraries worldwide. His longer works also are available in print. He splits his writing personality among four personas and various pseudonyms.

Harvey also has published under several pseudonyms, including Eric Stringer, Nicolas Z. Porter, Ray Sevareid, and Gervasio Arrancado.