Journal's End

Uncollected Anthology Issue #13: Mystical Melodies

Journal's End

Journal's End

Uncollected Anthology Issue #13: Mystical Melodies

Short Story by Stephanie Writt

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What does a twelve-year-old chess tournament junkie do when their manager/legal guardian discovers a long lost relative, eighty million times removed, that pops up and says: Hey, I want to spend time with a total stranger that I might be less related to than Jesus? And a kid?

And where is this relative? In the middle of nowhere! In an actual, honest to God, log-freaking-cabin covered in miles of snow. And no internet!

Yeah, that’s a whole lotta nope right there.

Hopefully this “relative” just wants an autograph and civilization can be returned to before any lasting harm is done.

Everyone knows that boredom kills kids.

Every day.


An award winning writer and actor, Stephanie loves to tell stories in all forms and genres and has been writing fiction professionally since 2011.

Adventuring all about the United States, Stephanie has lived at the heart of theater in New York City, beneath the burnt orange spires of the Golden Gate and across the street from the white-hot beaches of Maui, Hawaii. She found her place in the rain-forest-like mountains of the Pacific Northwest. There she writes with a smile on her lips, her heart in her fingertips and at least one furry sidekick on her feet/lap/keyboard.

Stephanie does not use pen names, so all of her published works can be found online with your preferred distributor or at your local bookstore under her name. All of Stephanie’s published titles are scheduled to become available in paperback, eBook, and audio.

To view all of her titles, news, and information, please visit her website at