Ice Dragon: The Complete Novel

Ice Dragon: The Complete Novel

Ice Dragon: The Complete Novel

Novel by Karen L. Abrahamson

$2.99 available in bundle


An ice-bound village, a threatening dragon, the walking Dead and visionary dreams of true love fuel this tale of adventure in the wintry landscape of Gruenheld.

When threatened with marriage to a village elder, Jazella takes matters into her own hands. She sets out to reclaim the treasure that will buy her freedom and find the man who has haunted her dreams all her life. But dreams aren’t always true, nor are the secrets behind them. It will take all of Jazella’s strength to face the dragon guarding the treasure and the Dead who walk the night.

Karen L. Abrahamson once again creates a feisty heroine who must overcome incredible odds to survive and to find the man she loves. A fantastic fantasy romance, Ice Dragon takes readers through a dangerous winter-bound landscape. With its colorful characters and its believable love triangle, readers who enjoyed the Trylle Trilogy will love Ice Dragon.


Author of the well-regarded Cartographer Series, Karen L. Abrahamson writes fantasy, romance and mystery. Her latest short fiction can be found in the anthology ‘Playground of Lost Toys’. When she isn’t writing she can be found with a camera and backpack in fabulous locations around the world.