I Hate Zombies

I Hate Zombies

I Hate Zombies

Novel by Shantnu Tiwari

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My name is Blue, and I hate zombies. No, really.

For one, they killed my friends. Then they kidnapped my mother. And they have scared all the hot girls away.

My best friend Shake hates them too, because they killed our pizza delivery guy, and we didn’t even get a refund.

Our dog Gandhi also hates zombies because… well, I don’t know. He’s a dog, and who knows why they do anything?

A secret government agency is determined to use our town as an experimenting stage for zombies. But they have crossed a line.

They should not have killed our pizza delivery guy…


Shantnu wants to take over the world.

Till he can do that, he passes the time being a code monkey, and writing novels in his spare time.

He has written Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thrillers, Comedy, you name it.

He thinks Dude, Where’s My Car is the best movie ever. Like, ever.