Hotel Siren & Other Erotic Lesbian Stories

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Hotel Siren & Other Erotic Lesbian Stories

Hotel Siren & Other Erotic Lesbian Stories

Short Story Collection by Miriam F. Martin

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I gave her a smile, to let her know I appreciated the early morning show. She blew me a kiss and pressed her hand against the window…

Sometimes, women don’t need men. What is it about lesbian sex that makes it so divine? Perfection. Unobtainable for many. Simply beautiful to watch.

Hotel Siren & Other Erotic Lesbian Stories features five confessional-style erotic tales with beautiful women, oddball situations, and the best orgasms. If you enjoy humor while being aroused, be sure to read this one.


Miriam F. Martin grew up wanting to be a cam girl, but excessive stage fright killed the dream. Her passion for getting strangers off over the wild worldwide web hasn’t died yet. So she focuses her time writing smutty books for smart people, like you. When not writing erotica, she also writes science fiction and fantasy.

Her hobbies include playing the guitar badly, misinterpreting the future with Tarot cards, and over-analyzing dreams. She also enjoys first-person shooters, rogue-likes, and hidden object games. Her quest in life is to have a house full of cats.

Miriam loves to hear from her fans, and she may be contacted through her agent, David Anthony Brown, at: david (at) danthonybrown (dot) com