The Guardians - Book 1


I really enjoy this book. A totally different take on the alien invasion theme. Would technically superior aliens really come zooming in with lasers blazing, or would they treat the human race with utter indifference and begin terraforming the Earth while we're still here? Oh, and by the way, if the terraforming wipes us all out, well that's okay. For them.
The descriptions of the terraforming aftermath are chilling, and it felt as though, given the right circumstances, this is how it could happen. This book is a real page turner. The near future scenarios are well researched and believable, as are the insights into the ancient Inca empire which play such an important role. Well done Mr Viecelli, I look forward to reading book 2 in the series. 5-Star Review by Mike Wood, Writers of SciFi Author




The Tyrax, a ruthless and merciless race of aliens, attack Earth without warning sending a doomsday weapon using nanobiotechnology causing a biological transformation that threatens to destroy all life forms on the planet within days.

An alien who calls himself Òmon makes contact and offers to help stop the nanobiotech contagion from engulfing Earth. Òmon says he is one of the Guardians left behind to protect Earth from this ruthless race of beings intent on wiping out all living organisms on Earth so they can terraform the planet to their DNA.

Brandon Cole who works for NASA and a special team from the U.S. government are sent to Peru by the President to investigate the discovery tied to the event.  Major Lizzy Rollins who is an astronaut for the U.S. Air Force joins Brandon in a desperate attempt to stop the contagion from spreading.

Over the centuries, Òmon has recruited a special group of human beings to help fight the invading alien race. The battle begins between the Tyrax, Òmon and the human race to prevent all life on Earth from being erased forever.

The Guardians - Book 1 is a tale of survival between good and evil alien forces and the strength of the human spirit to prevail. This is only the beginning for survival of the human species.


I am a science fiction writer. I started writing stories in elementary school with a friend. I love the idea of science making life better for everyone on the planet. I waited for my first career in high tech product marketing to end before I pursued writing science fiction stories full-time. When I finished my sixth full length science fiction novel, The Guardians - Book 3, I am happy to say I found my Writer’s Style and Voice in this book. The best advice I received from a Literary Agent was to read what others in your field are writing and learn from them. To that end I write science fiction book reviews on popular authors and list them on I can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and I have my own website for science fiction readers. Drop me a line when you find a story you like.