The Foundations

The Foundations

The Foundations

Short Story by DeAnna Knippling

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It took her husband’s death in order to get the money to buy their first, brand-new house…

…and now it’s haunted by someone Julie’s never met.

Julie moves into her brand-new house in her brand-new housing development with mixed feelings.  It’s a new start after her husband’s death, with a new job and good schools for her two kids.  Then the lights flicker and go out, and a ghostly image appears in the basement.

It’s a new house.  And it’s not on some ancient burial ground.  

How is it even possible that the new house is haunted?


DeAnna Knippling is a writer, a parent, and an overthinker who boldly paranoids where no one has paranoided before. Her superpower is speed reading. She ghostwrites novels for fun and profit. She has an essay in the award-winning Women Destroy Science Fiction! collection. She has had stories published in Penumbra, Three-Lobed Burning Eye, Black Static, and more. Her latest novel, Alice’s Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts, comes out of her obsession with all things Alice. She writes books for middle-graders as De Kenyon. Her website is