Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes

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Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes

Flying Dutchman of the Spacelanes

Novelette by J.A. Marlow

$2.99 available in bundle


The cursed Flying Dutchman returns to the spacelanes…

While busy with repairs, Sora Anali gets the surprise of her life: a real cursed ghost ship docking with Langdon Space Station. Then the Flying Dutchman triggers the servicing robots into delivering expensive and rare items needed for the station. Items she needs back.

But, the legends say to board her is to die on her…

A science fiction suspense novelette inspired by the “Flying Dutchman” legend.


J.A. Marlow writes across many genres, including science fiction, young adult, romance, and others. A private pilot with several years of flying experience in Alaska, J.A. Marlow enjoys adding to stories a touch of the mystery and exotic nature of the land sometimes called “the last frontier.” Popular series include “The String Weavers,” “Salmon Run,” and “Redpoint One.”