Glass fascinates Eli, along with the century-old process of making high-tech glass in an old Pittsburgh factory. Eli Winkler, new on the job in quality control, finds the learning steep. Worse, someone tries to chase him out of the ancient and territorial institution.

Bo Bartowski, a line production glass gatherer, masters a sweaty job with the hands-on experience Eli needs. He sells himself short, lacking the “book learning” that Eli has, but when a corrupt element threatens to do away with Eli, the two make a seamless team.

Who’s hurting Bo’s glass, and who’s trying to chase Eli off? As blood flows and body count mounts, Eli and Bo have a chance of a lifetime: Love larger than life, loyalty that breaks rules, devotion that overcomes all who get in their way.

FLUX : a stand-alone gay romance/crime adventure with a happy ending.


Under a different pen name, Olivette Devaux is an award-winning author and Amazon best-seller who also landed on the 2015 USA Today Must-Read Romance List. Despite all the tension and drama, Olivette is a sucker for funny moments, happy endings, and true love.

“Flux” is inspired by a fascinating glass factory where she once used to work.