First Chosen

First Chosen

First Chosen

Novel by M. Todd Gallowglas

$5.99 available in bundles


On her 21st birthday, in a moment of great need, Julianna frees an ancient god of vengeance—Grandfather Shadow—from his thousand-year prison. In gratitude for his freedom, Grandfather Shadow names Julianna his high priest and commands her to unite his scattered followers and lead his people to greatness once again. 

But among Julianna’s people it is a crime to worship the ancient greater gods—a crime punishable by execution and the destruction of her soul. While avoiding followers of the God of Death and Inquisitors of the Kingdom of the Sun, Julianna must come to terms with her new place in the world…because refusing a command from the god of vengeance is not a viable choice.    


Before M. Todd Gallowglas was born, his parents upset a faerie queen, and so she cursed their first-born son to become a burden upon them. Embodying the totality of this curse, Todd became a storyteller and fantasy author. This seems to have backfired on the faerie queen, as Todd’s family keeps telling him they are proud of him, and more than that, the writing and storytelling seems to be working out for him, so that he’s not really that much of a burden after all. Todd currently lives with his wife, children, more pets than they need, and enough imaginary friends to provide playmates for several kindergarten classes. He is currently corrupting his children with a rich education of geek culture. Still, as busy as he is, Todd manages to squeeze in time for some old-school table top gaming and airsoft battles on the weekends (because it’s not as messy as paintball). Shiny!