The First Book of Old Mermaids Tales

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The First Book of Old Mermaids Tales

The First Book of Old Mermaids Tales

Short Story Collection by Kim Antieau

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When the old sea dries up, the Old Mermaids find themselves washed up on the new desert. These tales of the Old Mermaids remind us of the beauty all around us, even on those days when we wonder how we’ll survive, let alone thrive. Sister Ruby Rosarita Mermaid brews a magical storytelling soup to bring peace. A mysterious stranger brings the Old Mermaids an elixir to heal all. And then there’s the Tea Shell, where the Old Mermaids serve the most marvelous teas, and Sister Sophia Mermaid dispenses bits of wisdom like, “Never try to stop a wave,” “A watched pot eventually boils,” and “This is not the end of the world, it just feels like it.” The Old Mermaids support one another, love their new world, and build community with all their new human and nonhuman neighbors. You can be assured when you stop by the Tea Shell for a cup of Essence of Coyote Laughter Tea that no coyotes were harmed in the making of your brew.


Kim Antieau’s novels include The Jigsaw Woman, Her Frozen Wild, Whackadoodle Times, The Monster’s Daughter, Coyote Cowgirl, Ruby’s Imagine, Butch, and many others. Learn more about Kim and her work at