The Elven Stones Book 1



The Elven Stones Book 1

Novel by Perry A Wilson

$3.99 available in bundle


A mysterious contract with no clues. An oath that will kill if they reveal the truth.

These are the starting points for Willowvine and Springheart as they follow a faint trail to the first of the missing Stones of Power.

For Willowvine it’s a chance to gain the respect and community the elves deny them. It’s not revenge, no matter what Springheart says.

Springheart only wants to keep his people from dying out. He has no hope for acceptance back into the elven family. He doesn’t want to get involved in an epic saga. His job is to complete this contract and move onto the next.

Springheart and Willowvine saved the world once, and all they got was exiled from the elven lands. Now, to save the very people who shunned them, they must find a way to return the stone to its rightful place before the full moon rises.

If you love fantasy sagas that carry the heroes along dangerous paths to fulfill a task that can save the world, you’ll love the first book in The Elven Stones series.

Buy The Elven Stones: Family today to join the battle to save the elves of Cartref. 


Perry Wilson is a Canadian author based in Vancouver, BC who has big ideas and an itch to tell stories. Having spent some time on university, a career, and life in general, she returned to writing in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since (well, maybe a little, but only while parallel parking).

She is a member of the Vancouver Writers Social Group, The Royal City Literary Arts Society, and The Surrey Writing Workshop. Perry has self-published several novels. She writes the Madeline Journeys, a fantasy series about a high-powered lawyer who finds herself trapped in a magical world, the Quinn Larson Quests, which follows the adventures of a wizard named Quinn who must contend with volatile fae in the heart of Vancouver, and the Charity Deacon Investigations, a mystery thriller series about a private eye who tends to fall into serious trouble with her cases, and The Riverton Romances, a series based in a small town in Oregon, one of her favorite states. Her stand-alone novels are Breaking the Bonds, Closing the Circle, and The Dragon at The Edge of The Map.